The energy brain requires is mainly glucose.

“The body can rely on carbohydrates, fat and protein nutrients to maintain the body to run.” Fat can be hydrolyzed into the fatty acids used for blood. Protein can be decomposed into amino acids so as to be used, and carbohydrates is the main energy supply, which provides about 70% of the energy the body needs.

Specifically, the brain consists of two types of cells, which are brain cells and nerve cells. Brain cells are responsible for the analyzing and solving the problem, the energy is supplied by glucose and oxygen in the carbohydrates. Nerve cells are responsible for action and nerve reflex, whose nutrition is from amino acids, fatty acids and so on.

Therefore, carbohydrates present a very special importance in the energy supply. Although the human body can rely on other substances to supply energy, but must eat a certain amount of carbohydrates, such as rice and other staple food, to maintain normal blood sugar levels to protect the brain’s energy metabolism.

CAS No:50-99-7

Concentration will be different in different age groups

During the brain development period, which is from 0 to 3 years old, supplementing nutrition like lecithin, DHA (also known as brain gold, docosahexaenoic acid), protein and other nutrition the brain needs is the most effective. For adults and young students, first of all, add the wealthy carbohydrates as a source of energy; Second, add some nerve metabolites, such as the necessary amino acids, fatty acids, vitamin E, etc., to ensure the nutrition nerve cells need in brain tissue; In addition, we should pay attention to the reasonable rest of the body, so that the brain, body, five dirty can achieve the balance of energy. If the body is overworked, it will also affect the work of brain.

For the elderly, how do they need to supplement nutrition for brain to prevent senile dementia? Fan Xu thought that the elderly are mostly lack of blood. They need to enhance the overall quality through dealing with different physical health care. The main reason for the onset of senile dementia is that the elder seldom use their brains. To prevent senile dementia, the elder need to maintain a moderate brain thinking, such as reading more, thinking more, and communicating with others more frequently.