Recently, many fire and explosion accidents have occurred in some domestic and foreign industry related with coatings.As the Lunar New Year approaching, the safety alarm needs to be sounded.

On Wednesday, a fire broke out at a paint spray center in Trinity Industries near Harrison County Highway 80 in Texas. This is a tanker manufacturing center. Fortunately, there are no hazardous chemical products in tank components that have suffered a fire.

Immediately after the accident, the company implemented standard safety procedures and factory personnel were evacuated without any injuries.

So next, I want to share with you some of the safety measures that can be taken to the relevant paint companies:

1, Regularly scheduled equipment and product investigation to eliminate the hidden dangers

2, Paint and other materials are usually toxic, irritating or flammable and explosive, these products should be classified in ventilated place

3, Purchasing the necessary safety equipment is as important as production in order to reduce production risk

4, Paint companies should strengthen publicity and safety regulations to improve the safety awareness of enterprises

5, Paint companies must do pre-job training after hiring new or relatively low-quality staff to improve their ability to deal with unexpected incidents