Viewing the price action of epichlorohydrinCAS106-89-8 in 2017, it present a stable trend. After Spring Festival, the fluctuations in prices is controlled within 500 yuan/t. According to the differences in production technology, factories usually manufacture epichlorohydrinCAS106-89-8 with two methods. One is using propylene as materials, and another is finished with the help of glycerinum. Due to using different raw materials, both of the two methods have some influences on the profits to some extent. Rencetly, propylene, as the important raw materials used in the first method, has little fluctuations in its price, and most factories using this method have their own equipments, so the profits in this industry chain are considerable. Similarly, in the other method, the main raw material glycerinum keeps a high price and the epichlorohydrin has excess capacity, which causes that profit margins are not enough.

The down-stream product of epichlorohydrinCAS106-89-8 is usually epikote. With the pressure of environmental protection, many factories have a production restriction or even halt production on epikote. EpichlorohydrinCAS106-89-8, as the raw material, does not have enough demand, which cooperates with sufficient prompt goods to restrain the increase in its price.

Due to the forthcoming hot days and the limit of environment protection, the demand of epichlorohydrinCAS106-89-8in the second quarter is under pressure. The down-stream factories dont have enough material stock. Lots of materials are offered to the enterprises who have the contracts for years. So the improved demand of epichlorohydrin probably bring the rise in price.