With the rising temperature, the fertilizer market has continues to cool down. The summer market is over, and the autumn market has not yet started. It is uncomfortable that a temporary shortage will happen. In the case of poor demand for the terminal, the entire raw material market is also difficult to improve. In autumn, the market will center on high-phosphorus compound fertilizer. For a centralized purchase of ammonium, the market turnover is relatively great.

The trend of the market is nothing more than the relationship between supply and demand. The demand side continued to be weak, and the supply side can not be balanced with the demand side. The market will show the downward trend, but in the case that all the news is bad for market, it is good news on the contrary. The market of ammonium chloride has evolved to a situation that is bad. From the supply side, the soda ash market still presents the upward trend. Combined-soda process enterprises rate of operation of combined-soda equipment started to gradually restore to about 70% for the supply of soda ash. Although all the soda ash are supplied, the supply of ammonium chloride enlarges constantly. Large and small enterprises both have a certain inventory. According to the demand, the fertilizer factories rate of operation is as low as 40%. In autumn, the market is main for high-phosphorus compound fertilizer, so the demand for raw materials of nitrogenous fertilizer is very small, and the supply and demand have not been improved.

However, the domestic price of ammonium chloride has reached the lowest, dry ammoniums mainstream factory price is 450 yuan / ton, and wet ammoniums mainstream factory price is 350 yuan / ton. The transaction prices are even lower in some place. Therefore, if all the is news is bad for market, and the ammonium chloride has been at a loss, the possibility of further decline in prices is also relatively small.

On the whole, in the short term, the market for ammonium chloride has a relatively small possibility. But it is fact that recent prices stay stable. The whole environment of fertilizer continues to be poor. The operation in market should be cautious. The forward road for Ammonium chloride is quite rough, and the trend for ammonium chloride has been to stay stable recently .

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