On 23rd May, the Ministry of Environmental Protection held a routine meeting in May to introduce China’s environmental protection standards during the thirteenth year plan.

The secretary in charge of technology standards in Ministry of Environmental Protection introduces that so far, China has issued a total of 2038 national environmental standards, including the current 1753 standards and 167 current mandatory local environmental standards registered for the record in accordance with laws. Five types of national and local environmental quality standards have been formed covering environmental quality standards, pollutant discharge control standards and so on.

However, some problems still exist in the current environmental standards. For example, the progress of enacting and revising some projects has lagged; the ability for environmental standards to matching the regulations like pollutant discharge permits and other new regulations needs to be strengthened.

It is known that during the thirteenth five year plan, the Ministry of Environmental Protection will speed up enacting and revising a number of key standards, and pay close attention to releasing a number of urgent environmental quality standards and pollutant discharge standards, so that it can effectively support the important work about the management of water, air, soil and pollution permits. Among them, the important environmental quality standards having been released include agricultural land and construction land soil environmental quality standards, sea water quality standards, coastal waters eco-environmental quality assessment standards, passenger car air quality evaluation guidelines, airport ambient noise standards, urban regional environment Vibration standards and so on. The released important pollutant discharge standards include pesticide, electronics, coating, paint coatings, dyes and other fixed source pollutant discharge standards, as well as moving source standards of light and heavy vehicle(China 6) and ship engines, motorcycles, mopeds(China 4) and so on.