Environmental protection will keep consolidating the dominant status of chemical subdivision. China has reinforced the governance and management of environment. Those chemical products having a greater influence on this industry, partially causing high energy consumption and heavy pollution, will be suppressed. Environment protection will force the industry to promote the concentration ratio and upgrade the industry. Hence, our Chemchain in Jiangsu province answers the call of times and establishes Chemchain trading platform to help carry on the export of chemical raw materials, on the purpose of letting more foreign customers see the high-quality products made in China.

National new material industry development leading group was established on 28th Dec 2016. Chinese Vice Premier Ma Kai acts as group leader. The departments like MIIT, Ministry of Finance, MOST, Ministry of Education, SASAC and so on, participate in this group which looks like a strong lineup. This group is expected to open up new situation for the development of new domestic high-tech materials. According to the current development of new domestic materials, we vigorously promote the green and environmental materials in the mall of Chemchain so that Science can drive production and Environment protection can step into daily life.

With the promotion of supply-side reform, our Chemchain platform subdivides chemical products into 13 categories: Adhesive and Sealant, Agrochemicals, Basic Inorganic Chemicals, Catalyst and Auxiliary, Coating and Paint, Cosmetic & Daily Chemicals, Dyestuff and Pigment, Food and Feed Additives, Materials Chemicals, Pharmaceutical, Plant Extract, Synthetic Flavours & Fragrances and others. Nearly 2 million products on the platform almost cover those of the entire chemical industry. We will do our best to satisfy you as long as you have any requirements. Choose Chemchain and make trading easier!