On 19th, reporters got the news from CNTAC that the future of China’s textile industry will still has great potential for development and market space, and its growth motivity mainly includes three aspects.

The first aspect is the stable power. As the Chinese economy enter “new normal” economy, the main indicators of the textile industry have a slowdown in growth and stay stabilized, but the huge economic volume and scale of the industry will continue to provide a the material basis for the future development and innovation of textile industry.

China’s textile industry has formed a relatively complete infrastructure and industrial facilities. Great industrial relevance has existed among raw materials, processing and terminal links, which makes the innovation of industry value chain on a link can get the application and transformation from another link. It can stimulate the superimposed effect of innovation, so as to provide a huge space for innovation and development of the industry.

The second aspect is growing power. At present, per capita for clothing consumption of Chinese is growing steadily with the increase of consumption income. In addition, due to the facts that the scale is large; the system is complete; the degree of development is different, the supply transformation of China’s textile industry has great demand for the products and technology of different levels and categories, China’s textile industry transformation and upgrading and structural adjustment contains huge market space.

The third aspect is adaptable force. The policies like promotion of B&R construction, signing of bilateral multilateral free trade agreement and so on, will expand the development space of China’s textile industry, and strengthen the connection with the international market. In addition, the increasingly sophisticated ecological innovation can also increase the ability to cope with complex environments and changing expectations.