According to statistics, since 2017, the drop and rise in prices has happened in 40 kinds of paint raw materials, and the pure MDI experienced the most obvious rise, which is up to 36%, followed by MDI polymerization, whose rise is 32.3%. The rise of titanium dioxide (anatase) is up to 18.5%, ranking third; 10 kinds of products have the certain rise. In addition to the 3 kinds above, epoxy resin, n-butanol, maleic anhydride, titanium dioxide (rutile), octanol and Phenol rank from 4 to 10. The decline in the prices of five kinds has been more than 30%. They are TDI, butyl acrylate, titanium concentrate, polye  ster resin and butadiene. Among them, the decline in the price of butadiene is up to 47.1%, ranking the last one. The other 29 kinds of raw materials prices have different degrees of decline.


MDICAS101-68-8and titanium dioxideCAS1317-80-2 with larger rise

From January to April this year, domestic polymer MDI exports 164,000 tons, having a year-on-year growth of 28.5%. The rise of MDI has something to do with the increase in export. At present, the supply of MDI is tight, and the tight overseas supply leads to a substantial increase in domestic exports. It is learned that 2016 global MDI device operating rate is more than 85%, and overseas device operating rate is more than 95%. Considering that MDI device needs maintaining for one month every year, overseas installations have been overloaded. In addition, more than 80% of overseas plant capacity is built before the 90’s, and more than 50% of the capacity is built in even 70s. The device is facing aging problems, and overloading operations. Influenced by these factors Impact, it is expected that the  MDI will continue to rise in the future.


The largest decline in butadieneCAS106-99-0

This year, butadiene has a decline of 47.1%. from the 15,700 yuan / ton at the beginning of the year to the current 8300 yuan / ton, the trend of decline is was heavy. At the beginning of the year, butadiene market is in short supply. With the northern manufacturers suspending the export, supply side tightens further. With the support of shortage in supply side, the market trend will rise. The highest price in some area is up to 19,800 yuan / ton. In February, butadiene began to have a decline. In March, the domestic butadiene market showed a sharp decline in the trend, and some areas have a decline of 40% in a month, which is called “black crazy”. In May, the decline continues to expand. In June, butadiene market continued the downward trend, because the northeast manufacturers have no inventory pressure for the time being, Sinopec manufacturers have high inventory, and Sinopec Shanghai Petrochemical Companys butadiene devices plan to restart. The supply is abundant. The synthetic rubber market presents a weak trend on the whole, which is not enough to support the supply for the raw materials of butadiene. It is expected that butadiene market continued downward trend in July.