At present, in the trend of replacing steel with plastic”, using plastic to replace traditional materials will promote the development of polymer stabilizer market.

Especially in the automotive, construction, agriculture and some other major industries, plastic is an effective alternative to replace wood, metal and glass, which has stimulated the production requirements of the polymers used to manufacture the stabilizers, and these polymers are made from plastic products.


Due to the high demand of the plastics industry, heat stabilizers play an important role in the global market for polymer stabilizers, especially for pvc products like pvc pipes. Market demand for heat stabilizers is mainly influenced by demand of terminal industries like construction, consumer goods and automobiles. This growth is mainly due to the impact of environmental alternatives that can reduce the content of phenolic and VOC, which causes that lead and cadmium heat stabilizers will be replaced by mixed metals, tin and rare earth materials.


In the forecast period, this growth model means an increase on construction work, resulting in an increase on the consumption of polymer stabilizers throughout the construction industry. In addition, as the ever-increasing disposable income and living standards improve, consumers are choosing to buy new cars, thereby increasing the comfort of their lives, and leading to an increase on sales of cars and consumption of heat stabilizers and light stabilizers.