China’s acetic ester market shows the trend of downturn, mainly because the upstream raw material market lacks strength to support it, and the downstream demand is not enough. Only the market for sec-butyl acetate has the potential to rise sightly.

Sec-butyl acetate market has a trend of downturn CAS: 123-86-4

This week, China’s sec-butyl acetate market has a trend of downturn. In east China and north China, the trend of butyl market is basically same. the south China market has gradually shown the trend of going down since 18th. At present, the east China market price decreases from 6000yuan/ton to 5800yuan/ton, and the north market price decreases from 5800yuan/ton to 5650 yuan/ton, in addition,  south China market price decreases from 6250yuan/ton to 6200 yuan/ton.

The devices of sec-butyl acetate are running normally. Fortunately, the factories have some inventories, so the rate of operation of the sec-butyl acetate has a trend of picking up. But the downstream demand is not enough and the imbalance between market supply and demand have seriously cause the downturn of sec-butyl acetate market, although the the market of the raw material glacial acetic acid and n-butanol has a stabilized trend, the downturn of sec-butyl acetate market can not be improved. It is predicted that the trend will continue in China this week.

Ethyl acetate market has a trend of downturn  CAS: 141-78-6

Analyzing the weakness of China’s ethyl acetate market, north China, south China keep the stabilized trend, and the east China market continues to decline. As of 18th, the price in east China market decreased from 5050 to 4900 yuan/ton, and the price in south China market decreased from 5250 to 5200 yuan/ton, and the price in north market decreased from 5150 to 5,000 yuan/ton.

The devices of sec-butyl acetate are running normally, and the rate of operation is good. Market supply is sufficient. However, influenced by the environmental policy, downstream industries like coating industry and other industries have been suffering too much, and the terminal demand stays depressed. Manufacturers’ pressure on shipping is keeping increasing. In addition, due to the overall decline of glacial acetic acid market and the cautious downstream procurement,  small orders almost play the leading role in this market, and market negotiations are weak. It is predicted that ethyl acetate market will continue the trend of downturn in China this week.

Sec-butyl acetate market may rise silghtly  CAS: 105-46-4

The core of the domestic market of sec-butyl acetatet is moving upwards. The price in east China and south China market remain at 5,000 yuan/ton. Price in north China market remain at 5050 yuan/ton.

Market supply is gradually weakened, and the rate of operation has an obvious decline, which stimulates suppliers to rise prices. The purchasing capacity of downstream market slows down; with the increasing efforts of environmental inspection, the rate of operation of the terminal users become lower. It is predicted that a modest increase in the domestic market for sec-butyl acetate is still possible to happen this week.

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