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Price of water is rising now!


Our country is short of water and the per possession share is low.With the rapid process of urbanization,urban water shortage phenomenon is increasingly severe.At present,non-resident water accounts for about 50% of the total urban water supply.

That improve the awareness of water users in non-residents,  guide non-resident users, especially high water consumption  is an important measure to ease the contradiction between water supply and demand and to protect the national water security.


Scope of implementation

The scope of implementation is urban public water supply pipe network of non-resident water users.


water consumption norm

All localities can use the national sub-industry access to water quota standards, but also can make combination with local non-resident users of the production and operation of the actual situation of water, the development of strict national standards for the sub-industry water quota.


Fare increase item

Non-resident water overdue progressive increase in principle only for the water price increase, does not include water resources, sewage treatment fees and various additional.

Billing cycle

Determined by the local, it can be monthly, quarterly or annual as a cycle for approval.

Capital use

“Taken from the water, used in the water”, the funds are mainly used as incomes of water supply business , for the pipe network and household table transformation, improving the measurement facilities and water quality improvement and so on;It can also extract a reward to certain proportion of water-saving effect for the outstanding enterprises, for enterprise water-saving technological transformation, water-saving technology and other technology promotion.


Before the end of June,2018,the government will make a specific implementation plan to develop the province (autonomous regions and municipalities) non-resident water over the cumulative increase in the specific implementation of the program and clearly promote the non-resident water overweight incremental progress and time limit requirements.

By the end of 2020, all localities should fully implement the non-resident water consumption exceeding the progressive fare increase system.

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