First, the impact of environmental supervision


Time up to one year of  air pollution control and strengthening supervision in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei and Sichuan region “2 +26” urban is underway. From January to September there are  84 chemical companies have been forced to shut down in Yangzhou City , and 32 companies have not started in  Sichuan.A voice has not scattered, and that is a serious environmental supervision affect the local economic development. In this regard, the Ministry of Environmental Protection has continuously reported some data.Facts and data show that under the pressure of the environment,  some local enterprises in Jinan City, Shandong Province, Zhengzhou City, Henan Province, Xinmi City, Panzhihua successfully make the transition,and  economic indicators did not appear a sharp decline, but showed an upward trend.


Second, the international and domestic News

Because of the quality problem, BASF recalled TDI sold in Europe.

The world’s largest chemical company BASF (BASF) 11 announced that its German factory production batch of toluene diisocyanate product contains excessive dichlorobenzene, there is a cancer risk. Two-thirds of the total of 7500 tons of products have been recalled by BASF. BASF is taking the recall and other measures to the remaining 2,500 tons.


WACKER POLYMERS  raise prices of products worldwide

Since October 16, 2017, WACKER POLYOL (WACKERPOLYMERS) will expand the price of VINNAPAS, VINNOL and PRIMIS brands worldwide. Price increases of 10%, or customer contract permission. This is necessary because of rising costs, especially the market price of raw materials such as vinyl acetate monomer (VAM).

China’s fertilizer exports in September before the decline of 6.5%

In September this year, China exported a total of 2.53 million tons of chemical fertilizer, the export value is of 697 million US dollars, exports fell 0.6% , the amount of exports increased by 17.7%. From January to August, China’s total exports are of 16 million tons of fertilizer, down 6.5%; total export value is of 4 billion US dollars, down 6.7%.

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