Ethyl acetate(乙酸乙酯) is also known as ethyl acetate(醋酸乙酯).Pure ethyl acetate is a kind of colorless and transparent liquid with an irritating odor. It is a fine chemical product with a wide range of uses. It has excellent solubility, quick drying and wide range of uses. It is a very important kind of organic chemical raw materials and excellent industrial solvents.It is widely used in the production of acetate, ethyl cellulose, chlorinated rubber, vinyl, acetate, synthetic rubber and paints. The reason why we say the wine is very good to drink is that the wine contains ethyl acetate. Ethyl acetate has fruity flavor. Because the wine contains a small amount of acetic acid, so ethanol reacted to generate ethyl acetate. Because this is a reversible reaction and has a slow response, it takes a long time to accumulate ethyl acetate, which leads to the aroma of the wine.

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