1. Control of cotton pests.When H. armigera eggs hatch to peak, spray them with 10% EC 1000-1250 times.The same dose can prevent bollworm, bridge-building insects, leaf insects.Aphis to the occurrence of 10% EC 2000-4000 times spray can effectively control seedling aphid.Prevention and treatment of aphids need to increase the dose.

  2. The prevention and control of vegetable pests.Pieris rapae, diamondback moth must be prevented before the age of 3, with 10% EC 1000-2000 times spray. At the same time it can cure vegetable aphids.

  3. The prevention and control of fruit pests.

  4. The prevention and control of tea pest. The best period to prevent and control tea scallop,tea moths,tea caterpillars and tea thorn is in the 2-3 instar larvae Sheng period,with 2500-5000 times liquid spray. At the same time ,it can prevent green leafhopper and aphids.

  5. Control of Tobacco pests. Peach aphid and tobacco budworm can be prevented with a 10-20mg / kg uniform spray liquid during the occurrence period.

  6. Prevention and control of health pests.

    (1)Spray with 10% EC 0.01-0.03ml / m3 on the habitat of houseflies can effectively kill the flies.

    (2) Spray with 10% EC 0.01-0.03ml / m3 on the habitat of mosquitoes. For juvenile mosquitoes, 10% EC can be given as 1 mg / L, which is sprayed in puddles of young larvae to effectively kill larvae.

    (3) Spray with 0.008ml / m3 on the habitat of cockroaches can effectively kill the cockroaches.

    (4) Spray in the bamboo and wood surface can effectively prevent termites, or pouring ant hole, using 10% EC 800-1000 times.

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