The use of 12 highly toxic pesticides currently in China will speed up the phase-out process based on the degree of the risks and the production and use of alternative products, and the government will strive to eliminate them all within 5 years so as to reduce the risks of agricultural products.

Chloropicrin and other 12 kinds of highly toxic pesticides will disable all within 5 years

The reporter learned from the Ministry of Agriculture on the 4th that this year, the Ministry of Agriculture issued a public notice on the two highly toxic pesticides for endosulfan and methyl bromide, which will be completely banned in 2019. In the meantime, aldicarb, phorate and isocarbophos will be withdrawn in 2018; exophthalone, omethoate, methyl isophthalocyanine and phosphide will strive to exit before 2020; chloropicrin, carbides and Methvenol will strive to exit by 2022.

In terms of use, the Ministry of Agriculture implemented a fixed-point operation on the existing high-toxic pesticides, requiring counter sales, real-name purchase, purchase and sales accounting, traceability management, and full supervision from production and circulation to use. At the same time, the government prohibits the sale of highly toxic pesticides through the Internet.

Ministry of Agriculture has announced the ban on the 39 kinds of high-toxic and high-risk pesticides.Now 22 kinds of highly toxic pesticides has withdrawn from the market. Restrictions on the use of highly toxic pesticides are still strictly enforced, not for the production of fruit and vegetable tea.

The use of pesticides in china achieves negative growth in the past three years

From 2015, the Ministry of Agriculture organized the “Zero Growth of Pesticide Use” to speed up the reduction and efficiency of pesticides. At present, positive results have been achieved. First, the use of pesticides reduced. According to statistics, the use of pesticides  achieve negative growth in three consecutive years.Second, the operating factor of pesticides increased.According to scientific estimates, in 2017 pesticide utilization rate reached 38.8%, which is an increase of 2.2 percentage points over 2015.

Vigorously developing biological pesticides is the future direction of the development of pesticide industry. Biopesticide refers to the active ingredients from the organism of pesticides, including microbial pesticides, plant-based pesticides, natural enemies of different types of species. Its toxicity to humans and animals and the environment are relatively low, showing a good momentum of development in these years. According to statistics, the annual output of biological pesticides in China reached nearly 300,000 tons (including the original drug and preparation.