Sodium D-erythorbate is an important anti-oxidant preservative in the food industry. It maintains the color and natural flavor of foods, prolongs the shelf life, and has no side effects. In the food industry, mainly for meat products, fruits, vegetables, canned, jams, beer, soft drinks, fruit tea, fruit juices, wines and so on. In storage and transportation: The product should be stored in airtight, dry, dark warehouse and should not be mixed with toxic substances. It is the same shipping and storage requirements.

  Sodium erythorbate is a water soluble antioxidant that is allowed use in China andwidely used abroad. Its antioxidant properties greatly exceed vitamin C, and the price is cheap. Our regulations can be used for all kinds of canned, jam and frozen fish and the maximum use is 1.0g / kg; also be used for meat products, the maximum use is 0.5g / kg (ascorbic acid); also used in wine and fruit drinks, the largest The amount is 0.15g / kg; can also be used for beer, the maximum use is 0.04g / kg.

table with meat, bread, olive

China started relatively late in food preservatives relative to foreign countries, but by 2015 China has also developed very rapidly. If Chinese producers want to stand further in foreign markets, they also need to work hard on natural food preservatives.