There are two refined products of lanolin:anhydrous lanolin and water lanolin.

Anhydrous lanolin is a kind of light yellow or brown ointment; viscous and creamy; smelly weak and specific.

It is soluble in chloroform or ether, dissolved in hot ethanol. It is slightly soluble in ethanol and insoluble in water, but uniformly mixed with about 2 times the amount of water, and has excellent emulsifying properties.Lanolin is not saponified in caustic, but in caustic ethanol solution,when pressurized, heated, it can be saponified.It has strong hygroscopicity.Aqueous lanolin is the mixture of melted lanolin and distilled water.It is a light yellow or white ointment and has 25%-35% water content.It is soluble in ether, chloroform and insoluble in water.Lanolin has great chemical stability,which can be well connected to the metal surface.

Lanolin is mainly used in the manufacture of advanced anti-oil machinery industry, the pharmaceutical industry rheumatism cream, zinc oxide adhesive tape, chemical fiber synthetic fibers and synthetic resins, daily chemical anti-cracking cream, chemical fiber synthetic fibers and synthetic resins.Lanolin contains 20% cholesterol, can be extracted for the pharmaceutical industry hormone production. Lanolin is a long history of raw materials, this renewable resource has many potential value. Lanolin has a wide range of uses in medicine and cosmetics.

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