Sentiment in the polyethylene market is stable, with few price changes in recent weeks. Supplies are reported to be readily available, with January buying not as strong as many had expected.
The Asian price surge of recent weeks is keeping European prices steady, despite abundant supplies.
PP demand is expected to remain solid amid concerns of tight propylene supply.
PET market participants are eyeing feedstocks as they continue to support the spot in the low-demand season.
Virgin demand is expected to see some bullish sentiment in Asia amid a Chinese ban on waste plastics. This could in turn also drive EU prices higher.
European PVC markets are set to feel upward pressure in the coming week and just ahead of February amid expectations of higher feedstock prices and wide spreads.
The Turkish markets are likely to remain stable to tight as numerous production issues are offset by the seasonal demand slowdown.
SBR participants will continue to keep an eye on feedstock butadiene this week as well as Asian demand.
Amid large pre-buying reported ahead of the lunar new year, demand for EU products takes a hit, although demand is expected to pick up post-lunar new year.