Looking back to the domestic MMA market in 2017, the overall ten-month rise is encouraging.In the first half of 2017, there were a series of overhauls and force majeure events in MMA installations. As a result of the combination of the two factors, global MMA supply  is short and  the panic of short supply spread to Europe, the United States and Asia, which severely affected the fixed supply pattern.

Therefore, within 10 months the price rose 6550 yuan / ton, up to 40%. However, by the end of the two months, the domestic MMA market reversed its trend. First, the continuing rising price of MMA made the downstream users complain bitterly. Some small-sized terminal enterprises are in the face of difficult of environmental inspection,which caused the demand ability dropped sharply.

It is understood that at the end of December the mainstream East China market fell to 18850 yuan / ton. Even if the market is dropping, the domestic MMA profitability can not be underestimated. Therefore, taking an overview of the MMA market in 2017, corporate profits have seen more increases than last year.

MMA market is currently at a disadvantage,but good profitability is still the MMA’s strengths and sufficient to attract a lot of money into the eyes. It is understood that by 2018 Wanhua, Longxin, Haili plant is expected to put into operation, the domestic supply structure of MMA expanded.While the MMA is gradually expanding, many downstream downstream MMA for 2018 new production capacity has a high interest, but Environmental protection and related safety inspection work is still going on, and some downstream industries still have great resistance to reform and innovation. In addition to the rapid development of the domestic MMA downstream terminal industry, downstream areas in many foreign consumption levels are also in a positive state of development. Judging from the comparison between the new capacity planning and the growth rate of downstream development, I believe the future of methyl methacrylate will be even better.